How to eat great meat in 2018 (and save your dirhams too!)

Hello fellow meat lovers!

2017 was a fantastic year to share the beauty of Genuine Japanese Wagyu to Abu Dhabi and continue to communicate with the Abu Dhabi community on what quality beef and lamb is, and how to get it. Thank you again for being part of our journey.

Now, 2018 is upon us and it's already mid-January! So let's start on the right foot. Or the right meat rather.

So the question is: How do you save money in this time of VAT and other taxes in Abu Dhabi when it comes to eating great meat?

Many people we meet everyday have a negative or misguided perception when it comes to quality in beef and lamb. Some people only know the terms ribeye, tenderloin and striploin, some people only know burgers, and some think that good meat is going to be crazy expensive! So let's break it down one at a time.

1. Are ribeye, tenderloin and striploin the best and only steaks one should buy?

Absolutely not! Steak is personal. Some people prefer salt and pepper and straight on the grill or pan, and some like the process of marinading or even smoking meat for long hours to infuse them with flavors! There is no right or wrong. I love a good flank or skirt steak marinaded in honey and soy with lots of garlic and ginger. These other cuts are more affordable and can feed more people as you would serve these cuts thinly sliced! Same goes for braised beef that can be pulled or served in small chunks, hence can again feed more family and friends!

2. What's so amazing about La Carne's burgers anyway?

Today, there are burgers everywhere. in the supermarket you can find them chilled and/or frozen, and there is almost a burger shop in every corner of Abu Dhabi nowadays!

Minced or ground beef and lamb are very risky when not properly handled and exposed to varying temperatures over long periods of time. At La Carne we mince meat at the point of order so our burgers are always fresh when given to our customers. You can personalize the lean to fat ratio and even the mincing (single or double). We also don't add anything to them so the flavoring is purely natural from the beef or lamb quality.

3. Isn't meat from La Carne too expensive?

Of course, prices look expensive if you look at them per kilo. The key is looking at them on a per portion basis. We specialize in personalizing everything you need so you don't have to buy per kilo! Personally, I love to make beef stir-fry so I always buy 300g portions of inside skirt strips. They are absolutely tender, fantastic and the right amount of marbled for even fajitas. Our burgers are 130g (filling for one person) and cost less than Burger King after you buy the bun and everything else!

When it comes to steaks, a 250g filet steak at a hotel restaurant here in Abu Dhabi will cost you about 300 dhs before taxes and other fees. If you consider our pricing, the cost of a 250g La Carne grassfed tenderloin steak is only 38.75 dirhams!

It's also about the added value. We listen to you as our customers and personalize everything we can. We just bought a fantastic new vacuum packer too so we can make your orders even fresher for longer! In addition, we take our customer relationships very seriously so please do feel free to contact us anytime.

REAL EXAMPLES! (as promised)

Inside Skirt Steaks (great for bbq, or sliced thinly for fajitas/stir fry)

  • Portion for 2 would be 400g
  • Cost at La Carne before VAT: AED 42.80
  • After VAT: AED 44.94

Jack's Creek Angus Ribeye Steak

  • Portion for one would be 250g
  • Cost at La Carne before VAT: AED 38.75
  • After VAT: AED 40.69

Wagyu Burger

  • Portion for one is 130g
  • Cost at La Carne before VAT: AED 16
  • After VAT: AED 16.80

We hope this was insightful and do let us know your thoughts! Check out our newest packages which you can get delivered here.

Meaty wishes,


Cuinary Business Manager, La Carne Premium Meat

The La Carne Team