At our butchery, some people give us this "wow, isn't that totally unhealthy" look when they see our marbled meat. Actually, that "fatty" meat is more known as marbled meat and all of our Wagyu and Black Angus beef is laden with this incredible thing called OLEIC ACID.

What is it? Oleic Acid is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that can be found in avocados, olive oil and table olives. It occurs naturally in various animal and vegetable fats and oils and is an odorless, colorless oil.Β 

Oleic acid is by farΒ the most widely distributed and abundant fatty acidΒ in nature. The high content is found in olive oil, about 60-70%, but is present also in nut oil and almond (abundant), canola oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter, lard and, to a less extent, in palm oil, tallow, safflower oil and soybean oil. TheΒ chief sources of oleic acid in foods must beΒ extra-virginΒ olive oil, the tastiest cooking oil.

What the health?

Oleic acid reduces blood pressure, increases fat burning to help with weight loss, protects cells from free radical damage, may prevent type 2 diabetes, prevents ulcerative colitis and generates brain myelin.

So what does all this have to do with meat?

Too much consumption of meat will indeed give you a heart attack. Well, that is only true when you are eating meat filled with saturated fat. However, in the case of Wagyu, the streak of fat interlaced within the lean meat which is known as shimofuri contains monosaturated fatty acids that are rich in Omega-3. According to studies, foods rich in Omega-3 are good for the heart because they contain good cholesterols. In a study conducted by the Japan Livestock Industry Association, Wagyu contains about 30% unsaturated fat which is higher than the Angus beef. It is also this high concentration of unsaturated fat that gives the savory taste (umami) rich flavor of Wagyu.

Deliciousness of Japanese black beef consists of the following factors: the taste and flavor that spread out in the mouth, and the smooth texture. Amino acids, including glutamic acid of meat, and the broth which contains inosine acid causes us sense the savoriness, and a lot of oleic acid which is a component of flavor is also much contained in WAGYU. Therefore, β€œJapanese black beef” is different from other species of cattle, but has a special deliciousness of its own.

What's it taste like?

Smooth velvety texture, juicy flavor, delicate but rich taste will linger on the palate. These unique characters are created by the large proportion of amino acids (the basis of its umami or savoriness) and unsaturated fat.

Is there such thing as too much fat?
TheΒ marbling fat in the beef is never too rich. Indeed, it will almost melt in your mouth as you put the piece in your mouth. The marbling is the evidence that cattle have been specially raised in the vast, lush wilderness using carefully selected feed, pure water, and clean air. We are sure that once you taste β€œWagyu” Japanese beef, you will find the new value and taste of beef.
β€” quoted from the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

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