Festive Grassfed Ribeye Roast

Festive Grassfed Ribeye Roast

Festive Grassfed Ribeye Roast

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Enjoy our Grassfed Reserve Ribeye Roast from New Zealand. All our festive items come with our La Carne Roasting kit which includes: fresh rosemary and thyme, a bulb of fresh garlic and butcher's string for tying into a roast.

What is Silver Fern Reserve?

Silver Fern Reserve is a consistent selection of only the finest examples of grass-fed beef, guaranteed by Silver Fern's Eating Quality system. A mark of rare quality, so exceptional, only the best of all breeds can earn it. 4 in 100 carcasses make the cut to be classified as Silver Fern Reserve. 

Silver Fern Reserve cuts are individually selected by Silver Fern Farms Dedicated Master Graders. Their master grading programme is restricted to a few of our best, with specific training and checking to ensure they consistently apply their Eating Quality System®.

What are characteristics of Silver Fern Reserve?

- Guaranteed 100% Grassfed and grass-finished

- No added hormones.

- No antibiotic feeding.

- Angus and Hereford breeds

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Cooking Recommendations

La Carne Roasting Recommendations using dry-brining and reverse sear methods.

1. Dry-brine.

Dry-brining maximizes flavor and caramelization. First, trim extra fat or silver skin off your meat with a sharp knife. Pat dry then generously salt your meat. Don’t worry, most will fall off on the grill or you can wipe off if cooking indoors. Place the meat on a wire rack over a sheet pan or plate and chill in the fridge. This wIll allow air to circulate under the meat. Wait at least 12 hours or overnight. For this reason, we recommend ordering a roast for the day BEFORE you plan to cook it, to allow time for dry-brining.

2. Prepare your oven, insert thermometer & add in some veggies and aromatics

Pre-heat your oven to its lowest setting or higher with a max of 110C. The lower the temp, the more even the cook, but the longer it will take. Pat dry meat before seasoning with pepper (dry-brining has pre-salted the beef)) and inserting your probe thermometer (you can use an instant-read thermometer, however opening the oven to check temperatures may lengthen cooking time). Maximize your oven use by laying your roast on top of a mix of chunky onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and other veggies of choice for a flavorful treat. Best practice is to have the beef suspended above the vegetables on a wire rack. Cook the meat slowly until your thermometer reads the desired internal temp of 52C for rare, 57C for medium-rare and 63-66C for medium-med well. Rest the meat for at least 30 mins under loose foil while you crank up the oven heat to its highest temperature. Then it's time to make a sauce.

3. Make a sauce (do this while resting your roast)

Strain the drippings and any leftover braising vegetables and aromatics through a sieve. Stir in some butter until just thickened. If the sauce is too loose, option to add in a cornstarch slurry or start with a roux, then add in the leftover strained or blended jus. Season to taste, maybe adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

4. Caramelize the meat, and it's time to eat!

Resting the roast ahead of caramelizing means you don’t have to rest it afterwards.
10 minutes before guests are ready for to have the roast, place the meat in the oven until brown and crisp on the outside. Keep an eye on it! Then serve with your favorite sides and sauce.

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Where this meat is from

New Zealand.

Learn more about this producer


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