Black Angus Ribeye Steaks for 2

Black Angus Ribeye Steaks for 2

La Carne Premium Meat

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2 Angus Ribeye steaks steaks of 250-300g each.

Considered one of the tastiest and most elegantly flavoured of steaks, rib-eye steaks are cut from the main muscle attached to the spine. The special appeal of rib-eye steaks is that they have a rich marbling of fat throughout them, which gives guaranteed flavour and succulence.

About the producers: Australian Beef Group or Jack's Creek Australia


Cattle breeds are 75% to 100% Angus depending on the time of year.

Leaving the paddocks, ABG steers are fed on grain for a minimum of 100-180 days on specially designed feed rations in the Central West Slopes and Plains of New South Wales, Australia. ABG's target is not the days on feed but the quality of beef produced. 

All livestock are MSA graded which alls them to further enance their production system through careful monitoring.

Australian Beef Group's supply chain is all managed by one family, and cattle are raised on only a few farms for their whole life therefore stress is minimized to them.

ABG Grain Finished Angus Beef:

  • Minimum 75% Black Angus
  • Grain Fed 100-180 days
  • Halal Accredited


    About the producer: Jack’s Creek Angus beef is derived from Angus cattle, grain fed for 100 to 120 days on a specifically formulated high energy grain diet and are a minimum of 50% Black Angus.

    Jack’s Creek Angus are bred and grown in the prime agricultural areas of the Liverpool Plains in Northern New South Wales and the Darling Downs in South East Queensland. All of the cattle are raised free range for the first part of their lives in a natural clean environment, grazing on the abundance of natural grasses in Eastern Australia.

    Our Angus beef is graded as marble score 1-2 and primal cuts can be weight ranged.

    Jack’s Creek Grain Finished Angus Beef:

    • Minimum 50% Black Angus
    • Grain Fed 100-120 days
    • Primal Cuts weight ranged
    • Halal Accredited

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