• 500g Rangers' Valley Wagyu Ribeye MB5+

    500g Rangers' Valley Wagyu Ribeye MB5+

    Considered one of the tastiest and most elegantly flavoured of steaks, rib-eye steaks are cut from the main muscle attached to the spine. The special appeal of rib-eye steaks is that they have a rich marbling of fat throughout them, which gives guaranteed flavour and succulence. Crossbred WX MB5+ Australian Wagyu Ribeye with a Marbling Score of 5+. RANGERS' VALLEY Rangers Valley is one of the world’s most respected premium marbled beef producers. They specialise in long fed pure Black Angus and Wagyu cross breeds to bring you the highest quality, best tasting, consistently tender and delic...

    Dhs. 173.00
  • Jack's Creek Black Angus Tri-tip (Pre-order only)

    Jack's Creek Black Angus Tri-tip (Pre-order only)

    The tri-tip is an excellent steak for several reasons. First, it is far less expensive than other equally flavorful steaks (i.e. Rib-Eye). The tri-tip is full of flavor because of excellent marbling and very tender as long as you don't overcook it. If you are going to take this steak beyond medium then you should probably marinate it. Check out our favorite recipe with Chimichurri sauce here. *Sold with 2 tri-tips inside the vacuum pack, around 2 kg. Subject to availability. La Carne reserves the right to offer a substitute or refund if not available. About the producer Jack’s Creek Black ...

    Dhs. 208.00
  • Santa Winter Pack

    Santa Winter Pack

    This Pack is for our single "Santas" out there, perfect for amazing cuts of beef stocked in the fridge. Ready for steak and eggs, steak night, or even date night! Includes: 2 x 250g Angus Ribeye Steaks 4 x 130g Wagyu Burgers 4 x 150g Grassfed Minute Steaks

    Dhs. 199.00
  • 1 Dozen Martin's Potato Buns (Pre-order only)

    1 Dozen Martin's Potato Buns (Pre-order only)

    You asked, we listened. The all-famous Martin's Potato Buns are now available to go with your favorite La Carne burgers and pulled brisket! Available by pre-order at least 24h in advance. Soft and Tastes Great NO High Fructose Corn Syrup NO Artificial Dyes NO Azodicarbonamide (ADA) NO Trans Fats Non-GMO* Contains B Vitamins and Calcium Please note that the minimum order requirement still applies so other meat items must be ordered for us to deliver. Please see the delivery policies at the bottom of our website for more info!

    Dhs. 60.00
  • Solo Pack

    Solo Pack

    We chose our favorite cuts in manageable portions for this perfect La Carne weekly pack! 2 x 350g Angus Mince (Ground beef) 2 x 350g Angus Skirt Strips (great for stir-fry or stroganoff) 1 Angus Ribeye Steak (350g) 1 Wagyu Ribeye Steak (350g) *For special requests, please contact us. Price is VAT inclusive. Photos may slightly differ from actual product.

    Dhs. 310.00
  • Winter Family Pack

    Winter Family Pack

    Due to popular demand, we've revamped our Family Pack to a winter version! This pack is awesome for the family during BBQ time with some roast, mince and our fave- flank steak! Includes: 1.5kg Wagyu Beef for Roasting (tied with butcher's string) 2 x 500g Angus Mince 2kg Flank Steak

    Dhs. 469.00
  • BBQ Winter Pack for 4

    BBQ Winter Pack for 4

    Winter in the UAE means it's BBQ Season! Get the best of our worlds in this awesome BBQ pack for 4! Includes: 4 x 100g Wagyu Burgers 600g Angus Skirt Steak 8-9 Grassfed Lamb Chops

    Dhs. 249.00
  • Family Pack

    Family Pack

    The perfect La Carne weekly dose of premium meat cuts for the family. 2 x 500g Angus Mince (Ground beef) 6 Angus Burgers 2 x 500g Angus Skirt Steaks 4 x 250g Grassfed Ribeye Steaks *For special requests, please contact us. Price is VAT inclusive. Photos may slightly differ from actual product.

    Dhs. 360.00
  • Winter Pack for 2

    Winter Pack for 2

    This Pack is for those who love our burgers and steaks. Good for 6 meals filled with beefy goodness for 2 meatlovers! Includes: 2 x 300g Wagyu Ribeye Steaks MB4-5 2 x 300g Angus Mince 500g Angus Skirt Steak

    Dhs. 299.00