• 500g Lamb Mince

    500g Lamb Mince

    Made with Australian Grassfed Lamb, single mince.

    Dhs. 38.00
  • Lamb Shanks

    Lamb Shanks

    Sold in packs of two lamb shanks, chilled, about 600g each. Around 1.2kgΒ total in each pack. Thomas Family Guarantee Since 1988, Thomas Foods International has been dedicated to producing the highest quality beef, lamb, mutton and goat products for families to enjoy globally. Through the establishment of the Thomas Family Guarantee, the Thomas Family proudly certify that all livestock are raised to the highest ethical and environmental standards, without antibiotics or added hormones. Producer: Thomas Foods Australia Weight: About 1.2kg No added hormones No antibiotics Halal certified Pr...

    Dhs. 76.19