Boerewors Sausages

Boerewors Sausages

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Boerewors is a sausage dish, popular in South African cuisine and Limburgish cuisine. The name comes from the Afrikaans words boer ("farmer") and wors ("sausage"). Boerewors was invented about 200 years ago in The Netherlands. It is made from coarsely minced beef (sometimes combined with minced pork, lamb, or both) and spices (usually coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice).

1 kilogram of La Carne Boerewors is about 4 rollies (250g each) of South-African style sausages flavored with authentic Boerewors spices. Trust us, the spices are from South Africa, the recipe was curated by a South-African chef, and approved by our South-African customers!

Made with Australian beef.

Please note that our sausages are frozen. Should you prefer them chilled they require 24 hours to prepare. Please do contact us to discuss your sausage order as we are quite flexible.

Note: Actual product may be slightly different from image.