1kg Pure Japanese Wagyu (ready-to-cook portions)

1kg Pure Japanese Wagyu (ready-to-cook portions)

La Carne Premium Meat

Dhs. 922.86
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100% Japanese Wagyu Chuck Roll from Japan. The beef is frozen at source in Japan and ethically Halal-certified. 

Grade A5 (equivalent to Australian Marbling Score 12) beef in the Hyogo Prefecture.

The beef can be purchased whole or in our recommended cuts such as Shabu Shabu (Hotpot), Tataki (Thick steaks) or Yakiniku (Thinner steaks for barbecue). 



Abu Dhabi delivery is daily between 2 to 5pm. The minimum order for requests within Abu Dhabi City including Al Reem Island until Maqta bridge is 150 dhs. Beyond Maqta Bridge we offer free delivery including Saadiyat at a minimum of 300 dhs. For Yas Island, Al Reef, Masdar, Baniyas, Al Dhafra, Al Falah and surrounding areas, our minimum order is 400 dhs. If your order falls below the minimum order or your location is past Al Reef, please call us to ask the delivery fee which depends on the delivery location.

Dubai delivery is every first Friday of the month with a minimum of 200 dhs. La Carne will call you after you place your order to coordinate delivery details.

For more information, click on Delivery Policies at the bottom of this page.