Ramadan / Lent

Ramadan / Lent

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    Say hello to our Ramadan / Lent Australian Lamb Specials. Perfect if you are observing the Lenten season too.

    Order 2 Aussie Lamb Racks and get a #2 Smoking Rubs for free, and enjoy our Aussie Lamb Shoulder, Burgers (6 pcs) and Lamb Mince at 10% off.

    To avail our Smoking Beards rub offer, please note you must add BOTH the two lamb racks and rub to your cart. The rub will be added for free. The other items will be discounted once you add the items and view your cart.

    4 products
    Australian Grassfed Lamb Rack/Chops
    from Dhs. 229.00
    Australian Lamb Mince (Ground)
    from Dhs. 51.90
    Smoking Beards: The #2 Rub
    Dhs. 45.00
    (pre-order) Australian Grassfed Lamb Shoulder (Boneless)
    from Dhs. 231.50
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