Best Meat Practice


- Store chilled meat up to 3 days in the fridge in consistent chilled temperature of 1 to 4 degrees Celsius.

- If you are not sure of when you can eat your meat within the chilled shelf life, you can move it to the freezer anytime during the 3 day shelf life to the freezer (0 to -18 degrees Celsius) for up to 6 months.

- Our smoked products have a chilled shelf life of 3 months. Keep wrapped in cling wrap and in a ziplock and always slice with clean and sanitized utensils.


- Best practice:Β Defrost your meat in the fridge the night before you wish to cook it.

- If in a rush, you can place minced meat in a ziplock, squeeze as much air out as possible, then submerge in lukewarm water. You can also leave your frozen meat on the kitchen counter for 1 to 2 hours to accelerate defrosting, but then move it to the fridge in order to avoid any food contamination.


- Our beef and lamb requires little marination due to their high quality. For burgers, only a light sprinkling of salt and pepper is recommended. Even without any seasoning our burgers are amazing!

- For primary cuts like striploin, ribeye and tenderloin, no need to marinade. We also recommend a light sprinkling of salt and pepper and perhaps a basting of garlic, fresh herbs and olive oil/butter on a hot pan.

- When marinating cuts like lamb and brisket, best to marinade overnight. For other cuts like skirt and flank, we suggest up to 3 hours of marination but not longer as the muscle fibers will start to break down and the meat may get mushy.Β 


ο»ΏFor information on how to enjoy Japanese Wagyu (which is a whole different experience to beef from the rest of the world), click here.

-Β Cooking steak to below well done is safe, because any bacteria lives on the surface of steaks, not inside. Therefore when seared on all sides, even if the interior is not fully cooked, steak is safe to consume and delicious too!

- Burgers! Burgers can be cooked from frozen, just keep flipping as needed until cooked to the desired doneness. Best practice for burgers is cooking thoroughly. Our burgers do not have any fillers, flavoring or additives, only 100% halal beef or lamb. Therefore keeping them cold is really important to keep the patties intact and held together. If you are cooking outdoors, take a few patties out of the tray at a time, keeping the rest in a cooler so that the next batches do not get too warm. If they are too warm they can fall apart while cooking.

- When cutting steaks, firstly pay attention the cooking temperature (it is helpful to have a meat thermometer like the Weber iGrill2 with probes) to ensure that you get the doneness you desire, or you can also use the finger technique below:


Photo credit: LifehackΒ 

Second, cutΒ ACROSS THE GRAINΒ so you help your jaw eat the steak especially when it comes to cuts like flank and skirt where cutting really makes the entire eating experience amazing!


Photo credit: The Kitchen WhispererΒ 


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