La Carne for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering

Interested in La Carne for your hotel, restaurant or catering business but not sure if we work with B2B customers? The answer is yes, we work with HORECA!

Our HORECA customers love:

  • Our ready-to-cook formed burger patties
  • Smoked brisket and pastrami is small portions
  • Steaks and other hard-to-find steak cuts

What we do differently

  • Tired of going through several meat suppliers? We'll source out the best possible meat options for your business so you don't have to go through the hassle of trying out many different companies.
  • We go backwards from the dish you wish to create, and match it to the most value-for-money beef or lamb cuts that would best suit the dish and allow for good profit margins.
  • Portioning and vacuum packing so you can reduce your labor cost and wastage in food costing
  • Just-in-time delivery so you can maximize your storage space
  • Customer service 24/7, we deliver on Fridays and are happy to do last-minute urgent deliveries
  • Ability to process meat into items according to your specifications (e.g. burgers and sausages with your Chef's or brand's recipe).
  • Ability to bring in specialty meat cuts that are not usually available at our retail store such as A5 Genuine Wagyu beef from Japan, Veal and Venison.

Our customers include:

  • Daikan Ramen Dubai
  • Coal Steak House
  • Sinyar Hospitality
  • Grasp the Adventure
  • Burger Master
  • Mister Burger
  • Maki Yaki Japanese
  • Kaze Cuisine Snack

How to get started:

  • Email or call us at / 050-1016328 with which cuts you are looking for, ideally the breed and cuts.
  • Please note we have a fixed policy of 20% off all samples. We do not provide samples for free.
  • We will contact you within 24 hours to propose solutions!

Thank you,

Team La Carne