Affordable quality beef and lamb for your home.

We slice your steaks, make your sausages and burgers to order from our special selection of quality beef and lamb. For special meat like venison, contact us and we can do special orders for you!

Call 050 2224819 now to order or visit us at the Meat Market, Mushrif Mall.

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I usually just stop by their stand at mushriff. I've purchased skirt steak, regular steak, and sliced meat for bulgogi. They've always been helpful and offer suggestions if the cut/type of meat isn't available. Definitely recommend them!


I order meat from them all the time, they deliver to my villa!!! Beautiful meat, especially from Australia :) for my little Aussie family


Great butcher shop and it's super nice to have the option of delivery. I've tried a few different cuts and all have been great. For any Americans out there, the also get some USDA Angus meat in on occasion. 


We brought lamb chops there a few weeks ago, the meat eaters were very impressed.


Premium meat! Great wagyu burgers ordered fresh from them.


They are excellent. I shop @ their mushrif outlet regularly. It's different - they have wagyu, USDA angus etc. I have never been disappointed but then again I go there to chose my meat since I'm not a fan of packs.


Very good beef. Some of the best beef in Abu Dhabi! You can't go wrong at La Carne!


Best skirt steak available in the Gulf! I ordered the leg of lamb and rump roast for Thanksgiving and it did not disappoint. Will continue to order meat from La Carne as it is by far the best butchery in Abu Dhabi.


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Perfect Wagyu Beef Stir-fry Noodles

Perfect Wagyu Beef Stir-fry Noodles

If you visit our shop at Mushrif Mall, the Bolar blade cut is our go to for Shabu Shabu (hotpot) slices, and we even like to slice it a bit thicker...
Ole, Ole Ole Oleic Acid! The healthy thing you probably never knew about.

Ole, Ole Ole Oleic Acid! The healthy thing you probably never knew about.

At our butchery, some people give us this "wow, isn't that totally unhealthy" look when they see our marbled meat. Actually, that "fatty" meat is m...
Grass-fed, or grain-fed?

Grass-fed, or grain-fed?

I always get this question.  A lot of people even think Wagyu is fully grass-fed. (Crazy!) And then many people think that grass-fed, since you kno...

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