How to cook burgers



Our burgers are best enjoyed cooked straight from our shop, however they also freeze well!

For minced meat, we recommend freezing for a maximum of 2 months as fat oxidation will affect ground beef faster than whole steaks. You can freeze them as is in the foam trays they came in, however you can also double wrap patties in cling film to further prevent freezer burn and preserve meat quality.


1. They key to great burgers is keeping them as cold as possible until you cook them.

This is because our burgers are made with a standard 80:20 lean to fat ratio and do not have any fillers, flavoring or additives (only 100% halal beef or lamb) therefore the fat content is what binds them together. If you're cooking outdoors, keep them in a cooler or in a container over some ice. Letting burgers get warm before cooking will cause them to break apart on the grill.

2. Simply heat up your pan or grill, season your burgers right before cooking and sear until they're done to your preference. We don't add oil to the pan as the fat will melt. We recommend using a flat spatula to easily slip the spatula under the burger and flip them quick! You can keep flipping until you're happy with the color and doneness.

3 Burgers can be cooked from frozen, just keep flipping as needed until cooked to the desired doneness. Best practice for burgers is cooking thoroughly.


Dimpling is when an indent is made in the center of a burger patty to avoid bulging up while cooking. This is a good step when grilling on a hot grill outdoors, where the heat is coming from all directions to the burger. However on a regular pan, dimpling isn't required as the heat is only coming from underneath the burger and the edges aren't effected.

Why do burgers puff up on a barbecue? Well, as with steaks, protein and collagen shrink up when heated. When heat is coming from several directions like on a grill, this causes the entire burger to puff up like a chubby ball.

Here's the tried and tested way to dimple a burger. Photo credits: America's Test Kitchen

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