How to cook roasts


1. Start with great meat.

No need to break the bank, as secondary cuts like picanha or flank steak make amazing stuffed roasts. brisket, short ribs, chuck and tri-tip are fantastic choices too. For a fancy occasion, go for a ribeye, striploin or tenderloin roast.

2. Dry-brine, season then insert a probe thermometer.

      • Trim extra fat or silver skin off your meat with a sharp knife. pat dry.
      • Generously salt your meat. Don’t worry, most will fall off on the grill or you can wipe off if cooking indoors.
      • Place the meat on a wire rack over a sheet pan or plate and chill in the fridge. This wIll allow air to circulate under the meat.
      • Wait at least 12 hours. pat dry before inserting your probe thermometer. it's worth it!

3. Add in some veggies and aromatics

Maximize your oven use. lay your roast on top of a mix of chunky onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots and other veggies of choice for a hassle-free & flavorful treat. Cook the roast low and slow, cover with foil until your thermometer reads the desired internal temp (see above chart) and ending with 10-20 mins of high heat broil for a last minute caramelization sesh.

4. Make a sauce

After your roast is cooked to your preferred doneness, let it rest while you prepare a pan sauce. simply deglaze the roasting tin with red wine or broth and let it reduce. stir in some butter until just thickened.

5. Rest and serve!

Resting is an integral part of the roasting process. Let the roast rest for at least 30 mins (best practice is half the time you cooked it, to let the juices flow back into the roast). don't worry, you can always mop up the juices as you eat it if you can't wait that long. Enjoy!

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