Father's Day Collection

Father's Day Collection

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    Choose from our suggestions for Father's Day and make Dad a seriously good meal! Simply pair with homemade fries, mashed potatoes or a delicious crisp salad. So many options from burger night, shepherds pie, prime rib to steak night!
    9 products
    Black Onyx Tomahawk
    Dhs. 462.00
    MB5+ Wagyu Ribeyes
    Dhs. 364.00
    Jack's Creek Picanha (Rump Cap/Tapa de Cuadril) MB3+
    Dhs. 299.00
    MB7+ Wagyu Ribeyes
    Dhs. 444.50
    6 Wagyu Burgers MB6-7
    Dhs. 96.00
    4 Angus Burgers
    Dhs. 60.00
    6 Grassfed Burgers
    Dhs. 84.00
    500g Lamb Mince
    Dhs. 38.00
    Australian Wagyu Shabu Shabu Cut (Hotpot, Korean Bulgogi)
    from Dhs. 74.50
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