• Grassfed Striploin Steaks for Two

    Grassfed Striploin Steaks for Two

    Each 100% Grassfed Sirloin steak weighs about 200g-250g, by Silver Fern Farms Reserve. What is Silver Fern Reserve? ๏ปฟSilver Fern Reserve is a consistent selection of only the finest examples of grass-fed beef, guaranteed by Silver Fern's Eating Quality system. A mark of rare quality, soย exceptional, only the best of all breeds can earn it. 4 in 100 carcasses make the cut to be classified as Silver Fern Reserve.ย  Silver Fern Reserve cuts are individually selected by Silver Fern Farms Dedicated Master Graders. Their master grading programmeย is restricted to a few of our best,ย with specific tr...

    Dhs. 66.64