La Carne's Virtual Burger Challenge 🍔

In celebration of our 10th birthday and May being Hamburger Month, we're hosting a virtual burger challenge wherein you concoct the most delicious burger ever!

Who will win the title of La Carne's Burger Boss 2024?!

Here's how to join:

Step 1: Create your recipe

Define your lean to fat ratio, cuts used in your burger patty and the fix-ins you want to use (buns, sauce, cheese, pickles, etc.) 

P.S. Only La Carne cuts must be used! Get 20% off recipe ingredients on us, just give us a call or whatsapp to avail this rate.

Step 2: Send us proof!

Shoot us an email with a recipe, a reel (up to 90 seconds), and 3 photos of you preparing the recipe.

Email to send entries: You may add in a wetransfer link to the email for large attachments.

Entries are welcome until May 25. We'll pick 3 of the most promising recipes, make them and choose the winner!