La Carne Meat-up 3.0: The one with the MB9+ Wagyu Tomahawks

How buttery can steak get? How does a highly marbled steak react when it's placed in a sous vide bath then basted with a compound butter? How much Wagyu Tomahawk is too much?

These are the questions we faced at the last La Carne Meat-up, which took place on Nov 7 and where 7 other meat connoisseurs joined me in answering them!

For better reference, see above 4 Rangers Valley WX MB9+ Wagyu Tomahawks.

What is WX?

WX is Rangers Valley Australia's Crossbred Wagyu line, slowly grain-fed for 360 days with intensive focus on crossbreeding genetics to get the best marbling possible. For more specifications on how Rangers Valley produce WX, click here.

Our host for the evening was again Mr. Nicolas Turrin, a culinary legend in many aspects, who already imagined what to do with the 4 bad boys upon seeing their photo and I quote:

" I would humbly suggest the following: I can start some or all sous vide early so that they are good to go by 7ish. I can season them simply with salt and pepper and a sprig or two of fresh herbs. When they are done I'll have the grill ready and hot and well as a iron stovetop plate for those who don't like smoke. I have tons of different salts and seasoning we can play with before searing. I'll also have fresh chimichurri and a compound butter for serving."

None of the group obviously had any objections to that! I then suggested we kept one steak simply seared on the grill, and the rest sous vide, so we could see the effect on the taste. Mr. Nick then suggested we cook one of the three sous vide steaks on a hot stovetop griddle.

Photo by Nicolas Turrin

Step 1: Sous vide the Tomahawk steaks, at 129F for three hours, with simply salt, pepper and fresh rosemary

This is what a sous vided Tomahawk Steak looks like. Not so pretty, but wait till it's seared!

Chimichurri Compound Butter

Step 2: Sear one of the sous vide steaks on a stovetop griddle with compound butter

Keep warm in a low oven

Step 3: Sear one Tomahawk (not sous vide) on the grill, on a Big Green Egg if you have one! Then quickly sear the other 2 sous vided Tomahawks!

Here's the Tomahawk we simply smoke grilled on the Egg

Last 2 Tommies on the barbie. Now that's what we call BBQ!

Cooking's done, time to slice and EAT!

Too much? We think not! Oh and there's another one in the oven...

If butter was meat...

3 different cooks. Which one won? Verdict at the end!

Obviously gotta have sides. Here was Nahyan's Original Shepherd's Pie and Mr Nick's already-gone Mac and Cheese!

Condiments: Mr. Nick's 101 salts and homemade chili sauce. Just wow.

Conversing about meat and fitness LOL

Meat heaven

Last but not least, finished off with an Irish Cream Tiramisu.

The verdict- somehow, for a Wagyu Tomahawk, the uber charred ness of the simply smoke grilled Tomahawk won our hearts! But the runner-up was definitely the sous vide then smoke grilled Tommy. 

The gorgeous photos were taken by the very talented Ellaine Fatima unless otherwise stated.

Until next time!

Culinary Business Manager

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