La Carne Meat-up 4: The one with Steak Tartare and Pinwheels


We finally got to do another Meat-up on the 8th October with some La Carne ambassadors and it was a blast. On the menu, we had a beautiful fillet from a new producer called Yardstick by JBS Australia, as well as a gorgeous Wagyu Ribeye MB6-7 by Jack's Creek, accompanied by some flank steaks.


What does one do with a whole tenderloin? We love breaking down whole fillets into a myriad of different dish applications. We sliced the center into lovely filet mignons (fillet steaks from the center) and then Mr. Nick expertly cut the tail into tiny specks of melt-in-the-mouth steak for an incredible tartare.

Some of the center cut were sliced as thin as possible and then pounded italian-grandma style (with the palm of your hand) for a little carpaccio appetizer.

The flank steak was sensational due to the robust beefy flavor found in verified black angus cuts such as Jack's Creek which we butterflied and then made into a roast + some into pinwheels then roasted over hot coals in a Big Green Egg kamado-style grill. La Carne can butterfly your flank steak, but it is easily done with a filleting knife and a steady hand. Stuff with cheese and your favorite herbs, garlic and lemon zest and tie with butchers' twine. 



The sides and dessert are as important as the meat though, do you agree? Mr. Issam brought a melt-in-the-mouth pommes purée and his signature crème brûlée for dessert while I brought a Yotam Ottolenghi orange herb slaw to the table.


The pinwheels, wagyu ribeye and filet mignons were expertly seared on the Big Green Egg by Mr. Nick and they came out a captivating charcoal amber red. There's nothing like the taste of a good charcoal fire.


Another successful meat-up photographed by Ellaine Fatima. Thanks for following along and if you'd like to join or host the next meat-up, please send us a message on instagram @lacarneuae!

Meaty regards,

Joan - Group Brand Manager at La Carne