La Carne Meat-up II: feat. Rangers Valley Wagyu Striploin MB3

What does marbling really mean to you? Does the highest marbling necessarily mean the best steak experience?

These are questions we asked ourselves at the latest La Carne Meat-Up. Having usually enjoyed Wagyu steaks with higher marbling scores of 4 and above, we looked at if and how we could enjoy a Rangers Valley Wagyu Striploin Marbling 3.

Before we began even thinking about how to cook that beautiful Striploin slab though, we were blessed with the chance to taste Mr. Nick's gorgeous rendition of Montreal Smoked Meat, made with Jack's Creek Angus Brisket.

This brisket was cured, sous vided, then smoked and steamed giving it an unparalleled texture, flavor and simply irresistible tasting experience. We had it with chef's recommendation of classic yellow mustard and rye bread!

After some time when we finally had a good lengthy taste of the brisket, our attention finally fell to the Wagyu Striploin MB3, and we sliced it into 8 thick steaks!

For a low marbling of 3, it looks pretty tasty don't you think!?

We decided to just try sous vide for 2 steaks (136.5 degrees for 45 mins) and the rest simply grilled on Charcoal on Mr. Nick's big green egg, an amazing kamado-style grill. 

We also had stuffed jalapeno poppers made by very kind Youssuf. Delish!

Steaks were so juicy with the sous vide winning the hearts of all. It really makes a difference when you have that consistent cook on the inside, and mouthwatering sear on the outside!

Last but not least, we were delighted by a freshly bruléed creme by Chef Issam. Check out those vanilla pod seeds!

It was another successful Meat-up and we can't wait for the next one! For the full IGTV episode click here to watch!

Thanks for reading and hope to meat you again soon.

Joan, Culinary Business Manager at La Carne