La Carne turns PINK!

As many of you may know, La Carne is run by a filipino family. We moved here in 1997 when the Corniche still had volcano roundabouts, the taxis were yellow and white, and the Emirates Palace beach was our playground!

Abu Dhabi is our home and the most important part of a home is the people that surround it. You, our customers, are our home. Many times it is not easy for businesses to engage with their community as they are global brands or management does not align with doing so. So being able to support causes like #PINKtober is a great honor for us.

What is #PINKtober?

It is the month of October that has been famously dedicated by many organizations, businesses and communities to Breast Cancer Research and Initiatives as it is a movement that begun in October 1985.

Why is Breast Cancer Awareness so important?

There are other cancers that exist, but Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and developing countries.

How can Pinktober help?

Early detection is the best way to prevent deaths due to Breast Cancer. Therefore awareness on getting mammograms, and supporting cure research is vital.

How can YOU help?

To be honest we weren't really sure how to effectively participate in Pinktober as a business at first! However with a little research we discovered the Pink Run which allowed us to donate as well as exercise for the day. We also found organizations like the Al Jalila Foundation and Pink Caravan who carry out local research and support activities. Here are ways you can help even in small ways:

1. Talk to women in your life and encourage those who are at the age of 40 onwards to get a mammogram every year and then every other year after the age of 55.

2. Donate to causes, international or local like Al Jalila Foundation and the Pink Caravan.

3. Participate in Pink Runs such as the ADCB Pink Run which we did on Oct 11! It was great not just to simply donate, but get some great exercise in as well, as a community.

Also, on a superficial note, you may also wear pink ribbons or the color pink to spread awareness! We are sporting the pink ribbon at La Carne this whole month.

We hope you and your families are well and let's keep awareness on Breast Cancer alive!

Pink regards,

The La Carne Team