La Carne's First Meat-Up

Where do I begin? Ah yes, the Wagyu Tenderloin MB9+.


What is 2GR Wagyu?

Simply put it is a new brand of Fullblood Japanese Wagyu yielding a marble grade of 9+, the highest in the Australian grading system.

2GR's herd is all Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu with DNA certified pedigrees traced back to the original Japanese Dams and Sires. Takeda Farms bulls and breeders form the original base of our breeding program. Over the years the program has further developed with the inclusion of the best bloodlines from Tajima, Itozakura and Shimane.

2GR Wagyu is free of artificial additives, growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Consistent breeding, only within the Wagyu family, ensures the purity of the beef, and its production is limited to maintain high standards. But the pedigree of a herd is only the starting point when raising the best Wagyu possible; surroundings, feed, animal husbandry are all vital components of a successful program.
Our fully owned vertically integrated process from breeding, farming, backgrounding and feeding through to marketing ensures that best practice systems and processes are in place and constantly monitored.

GR stands for Gina Rinehart, and the number 2 is to represent Gina and her daughter Ginia who will continue her legacy, being the richest woman in Australia.

We got our hands on this beautiful Tenderloin and thought... what better way to experience it than with our customers? So we got a few willing customers, a grill and spot and had the first ever La Carne Meat-up yesterday!


What is a La Carne Meat-Up? (literally making this definition up right now)

A space where meat connoisseurs can exchange meat ideas, experiences and inspiration over good food.




Who can go?

I randomly picked some of our customers who have always sent us amazing content over the years! If you're interested do let us know and we'll keep you in mind for the next one. Main thing is to post on instagram and send us content.

Our guest list yesterday was very interesting, we had professionals from healthcare, meterology, education and 2 had PhDs! Meat knows no boundaries! That's why we love it.



On the menu we had:

Grilled jalapeno poppers (they were more like banana peppers but still excellent with a potato chip cheddar topping)

Sous-vide Beef Back Ribs that were then smoked with memphis dust, by Nicolas (amazing, amazing)

Homemade hot sauces by Nicolas

2GR Wagyu Tenderloin MB9+ Steaks, we sliced up a steak according to our desired thickness (which was pretty thick)

Cilantro-lime Coleslaw and Ultra Buttery Mash by Joan

Tiramisu and Creme Caramel by Issam
















The Grill we used

Nahyan's Pit Boss (Pellet Grill!)












Issam's Beef Cake (Probably 500g)

Slicing the thinnest end of the Tenderloin for a quick sashimi

The situation last night... featuring hot sauces by Nicolas

Nicolas made a quick tartare just because

Our host for the evening after his first taste!

What a success! Next on the plan, we'll break down an awesome cut and cook it 3 different ways!

 Have a great rest of the week and thanks for the read. Leave us a comment below so we keep writing!

Joan, Culinary Business Manager


For more info on La Carne Meat-ups contact Joan on instagram at @lacarneuae or shoot us a whatsapp msg on 058-500-MEAT (6328)!