Japanese Wagyu PR Seminar

On March 5, we were honored to attend the PR Seminar for Japanese Wagyu Beef at the Residence of H.E. the Consul-General of Japan.

The evening event was filled with informative updates on the status of Japanese Wagyu in Japan and in the UAE as well as a demonstration of cutting and cooking demonstrations by Wagyu Sommelier Mr. Noriaki Numamoto. 

Wagyu Sommelier sliced up some Top Blade a.k.a. Oyster Blade for us. Usually on an Angus this may taste a bit irony or metallic, but he gave us a slice to try "sashimi" style and it simply melted away like milky butter on our tongues!

The snowflake-like distribution of fat, or marbling, is not new to the UAE industry, but what many do not know (those who have not yet tried Genuine Japanese Wagyu) is that there is a heartwarming aroma to Japanese Wagyu that ressembles coconuts or even milky notes combined with peachy/apricot tones.

After the formalities, we were blessed with the chance to taste Genuine Japanese Wagyu in 4 different ways- Sashimi, Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki (pictured above) and grilled on a flat grill. Japanese Wagyu is best enjoyed in small portions as it is incredibly high in oleic acid- too much can make you feel like you drank a whole glass of olive oil! No kidding!

It was also great to "meat" our fellow trade partners out of the office. 

And that's a wrap, thank you for having a read! For any questions about how to get Japanese Wagyu onto your plates at home, don't hesitate to ask. We can get you thinly sliced shabu shabu or yakiniku slices, as well as primary cuts like Ribeye, Striploin and Tenderloin sliced expertly (our butchers were trained by Master Wagyu Butcher Ryuji Higashiyama himself).

or... Thank you very much in Japanese!

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