3kg Wagyu Brisket

3kg Wagyu Brisket
3kg Wagyu Brisket

3kg Wagyu Brisket

Marbling score
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Prepared with Wagyu Brisket with Marbling Score of 5+ or 6-7

Produced by Rangers Valley or 2GR by Hancock Agriculture

About the producer: WX by Rangers Valley

DAYS ON FEED (360) All WX by Rangers Valley cattle are allowed to develop naturally and are fed slowly over 360 days. This slow feeding process ensures a natural growth rate, maximising the natural marbling found in Wagyu cross plus consistency and an outstanding flavour.

MARBLE SCORE SYSTEM Our marble score is graded under the strict guidelines of industry body Aus-Meat. This means a well-established and benchmarked consistency that’s independently assessed. See the table on the left to discover which colours to look for on pack.

PARENTAGE 100% Wagyu sire is crossed with a dam chosen from a range of breeds for genetic superiority, environmental adaptability and ancestral marbling; rather than breed alone. Our breeding partners works with nature to deliberately and artfully choose from the best available animal for each season, resulting in WX offspring – handchosen and unique.

HGP FREE In keeping with the Rangers Valley slow growth philosophy, our WX products are also HGP (hormone growth promotant) free. Instead, our cattle develop naturally without the assistance of added hormones. We believe this natural approach plays a major role in the extremely high eating quality of WX products.

About the producer: 2GR by Hancock Agriculture

2GR is currently the only fully integrated Wagyu operation in Australia aside from the abattoir and specialize in fullblood Wagyu beef production of at least MB7 marbling scores. They breed and finish their own cattle unlike other producers that purchase cattle in auctions. 2GR's Wagyu herd is currently over 12,000 head in total, one of the largest herds in Australia.

In Queensland, Hancock Group is currently developing an F1 Wagyu cattle herd across 3,300 hectares of farmland, using its own full-blood genetics along with prime Angus breeders to take advantage of the land held by the Group.

The inspiration behind the 2GR premium Wagyu beef brand dates back more than 100 years to back in the late 1800s when Mrs. Rinehart’s (one of the richest women in Australia) great grandfather had three sons: her grandfather George Hancock, and his two brothers, John and Richard. Mrs. Rinehart’s great grandfather founded the ‘H3B’ brand for cattle and sheep, which stood for Hancock 3 Brothers, named for his sons. Today’s 2GR brand signifies the initials of Gina Rinehart, along with her daughter Ginia Rinehart.

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Cooking Recommendations

Brisket is a slow-cooking cut, due to its large amount of connective tissues. These connective tissues in the meat requires cooking on a low temperature for a long period of time. This can be done using a wet or dry heat method. Wet method can be braising or stewing, and dry heat can be by smoking. For braises and stews, we recommend seasoning brisket cubes before searing on all sides, before covering with your choice of braising liquid for at least 3 hours until the meat is tender.

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Where this meat is from

Rangers Valley or 2GR

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