1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak

1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak
1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak
1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak
1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak
1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak

1kg Angus Inside Skirt Steak

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Inside skirt comes from the flank—it's narrower and thinner than the outside skirt, and comes with the membrane removed.  Make amazing grilled skirt steaks or stir-fry with inside skirt. There are really only two important steps to fantastic skirt steak, the first being grilling and the second is intense heat.

Takes to marination extremely well- we suggest overnight marination for an extra special experience!

Our skirt steak may be produced by Stockyard Beef, Black Onyx Beef, Oakey or Jack's Creek, all award-winning producers from Australia. To find out which producer we have in stock please feel free to call us.

Discoloration may occur due to layering which is normal due to oxidation. Meat is suitable to consume up to 3 days after production date, otherwise freeze it if not sure when you want to consume it. 

Note: Actual product may be slightly different from image.

Should you like special preparation, please include your request in our special request box upon checking out.

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Cooking Recommendations

- Grill on a medium to high heat and cook to medium.
- Slice against the grain (perpendicular to the muscle fibers).
- Goes well with our Smoking Beards Original rub, but then again, everything tastes great with Smoking Beards..

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Where this meat is from

Rangers Valley, Australia

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