Hello there! Hope you are all doing well during this crazy time.

Ramadan is upon us and we are here to support those observing the Holy Month. We have been listening to feedback from our Muslim customers and applied a few changes like later delivery timings and more lamb and lean mince options!

During this unexpected crisis and the upcoming month of Ramadan, it is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to reset our minds and cleanse the spirit. This means more time spent with loved ones (albeit wirelessly) and on things that aid meditation like cooking!

As you may know, La Carne is a family run business and we've been in the UAE since '97. Hence we have come to love and enjoy middle eastern recipes during the annual blessed month. Here I have compiled six delicious recipes you can make with beef and lamb from La Carne. Just click the name or pic for the recipe!

1. For a delicious Iftar starter: Hummus with Lamb

Make it with La Carne Lamb Mince

Photo by Recipe Tin Eats

2. For Sohour: Grilled Lamb Meatballs with Pomegranate Glaze

Make it withΒ  La Carne Lamb Mince

Photo by Meatwave


3. For Iftar: Beef Kofta Kebabs with Tzatziki Sauce

Make it with La Carne Angus MinceΒ Beef, and request for double mince for a finer grind.

Photo by Foodie Physician


4. For a cosy and comforting Iftar meal:Β Lamb and Green Bean Stew

Make it with La Carne Boneless Lamb Shoulder

Photo by Australian Gourmet Traveller


5. When you're craving something a little more western: Beef Stroganoff

Make it with La Carne Wagyu Shabu Shabu or thinly sliced La Carne Grassfed Sirloin Steaks

Photo by the Daily Meal

6. For something fun for the family to make together: Rigatoni pieΒ 

Make it withΒ La CarneΒ Grassfed MinceΒ BeefΒ 

Photo by Food Network

So, that's all for now and we hope you give these a try! We wish everyone a very blessed Ramadan. Stay safe, at home!

Warm wishes,
Culinary Business Manager at La Carne