When the clock struck midnight last December 2019, we thought the year to come was just another year of challenge. More people were eating plant-based and lots of new competitors popped up the past few months. We were expecting the usual summer slower season and even had holidays for our staff planned out for the year.

Hearing the Coronavirus had been discovered in Feb, I remember thinking it would never get to us. Wearing masks used to be frowned upon on online forums as it was thought to be best reserved for frontliners in hospitals due to the small supply. Little did we know it would soon become the norm in 2-3 months time!

I remember March 24 like yesterday, which is the day we got confirmation that our location, Mushrif Mall, would be closing until further notice. Rules were not crystal clear and we were not sure if we would still be able to operate for delivery during the mall closure. With this news, we had 36 deliveries in a day which was the most we ever experienced. We had to completely divert all our orders to online transactions with contactless payments only, and acquire help from delivery experts!

With time our deliveries stabilized with customers understanding our new procedures, and in May we were able to reopen our physical store.

In July we held La Carne's first (virtual) Meat-up of 2020 on the 3rd of July. We delivered a set of Silver Fern Farms Grass-fed Lamb Racks and Reserve Ribeye Steaks and cooked them together on zoom!

As most people were staying home and we take pride in being an education hub for the community, we then decided to do a cooking class donating part of the proceeds to Covid-19 Relief Efforts via Yallagive for Penny Appeal Middle East on July 25. Click here to see more and get the recipe we did!

With the success of the first cooking class, we decided to do another one on Sept 26 supporting yet another of our awesome award-winning producers, Stockyard Australia. This time we donated part of the proceeds to Beirut Relief efforts after the recent calamity.Β ClickΒ hereΒ to see more and get the recipe we did!

Looking back at 2020 which was the most extraordinary year ever, we are so grateful to have survived and adapted to some incredible situations! We thank all our customers for being patient, understanding and considerate with us as we also try to figure out this crazy thing called life :P

We look forward to what's in store in 2021 and remain at your service. We continue to grow thanks to your support and feedback!

Meaty regards and happy new year,

Joan Tuano
Culinary Business Manager
La Carne Premium Meat